All Jiveasy Dance Events and Classes are now closed.
This evenings (13th March) dance at Titchfield is cancelled.

With a very heavy heart (and I've been wrestling with this all week) I have taken the decision to close Jiveasy for the foreseeable future, starting with the cancellation of our Titchfield freestyle this evening. I truly value the health and safety of all our Dancers and our wonderful Team, and don't want to intentionally put anyone at risk.

There is much conflicting advice and thoughts on the internet, but after listening to yesterday's Government announcement regarding the pandemic. I am convinced this is absolutely the right thing to do within the big picture, despite the impact on us as a small business.

We will restart Dancing as soon as it is safe to do so - Hope to see you all back on the dance floor soon.

Keep well and safe


PS. Please note. If you have a Jiveasy time limited prepayment card we will of course extend and honour this once we restart our dancing.


Wild Wednesday' Freestyle evenings are held once a month at our Fishbourne (Chichester) Venue.

Beginner Class as Normal until 8.40pm then no intermediate class,

Just freestyle all the way through until 11pm! Usually around 80 dancers . £5 Entry

No Formal coaching session however coaches are available for beginners from 9.00pm.















Published on  13th March 2020

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